Want to become a Goat Farmer?
Want to learn more about caring for Goats?
Do you know someone who would love to learn about Goats?

FunWithGoats.com Goat Care Classes are the answer to all your Goat Questions

Goat Care 101 Class

This class is a beginner Goat Class. It is a very hands-on and informative class where you will learn about:
* Goat Anatomy, Names, Breeds
* Food, Supplements, Problems
* Water, Sanitation, Shelters
* Record Keeping, Health Assessments and so much more……

Goat Care 102 Class
This class is a more advance class and to attend you must have either attended the 101 class or have had your own Goats for at least 3 years. This class is extremely hands-on and informative. In this class you will learn about:
* How to drench a Goat, Treat for Bloat
* Pasture Rotation, Reseeding, Sanitation
* How to give yearly shots
* How to recognize Copper deviancy and administer Copper Bolus to a Goat
* How to treat for Mastitis
* Hoof trimming using clippers and the hoof boss
* Hot to treat Anemia, FAMACHA score
* Prepare for Kidding Season and so much more……

More classes coming soon…….

My husband and I both attended the FunWithGoats Goat Care 101 course and were incredibly pleased with the wealth of knowledge Jennifer shared with us. We walked away feeling much more confident as we prepare to grow our homestead. The hands-on experience was invaluable and truly helped us in seeing the literature provided put to the test. You can read about this stuff all day long, but until you’re doing the checks with hooves flying about, you don’t know what to expect. Jennifer was patient with our many questions and provided a wonderful packet of information to take home. We can’t wait for the next class!

Mandy P.

Very informative! I learned a lot! Feel much more well equipped to care for my herd!

Dawn S.

Farmer Jenn is superb! I loved learning about the hands on monthly med checks for the goats. She went above and beyond all my expectations and I can’t wait to come back for the 102 Goat Care Class!

Nicole M.

I learned so much! The class was so hands-on and fun!

Amanda J.

The class was very informative with lots of hands on learning. My favorite animals on the farm was Mabel and Johnny Cash- the Donkey.

Ashley S.

I enjoyed and learned a lot from the class. I can’t wait to take the 102 class!

John V.

Loved the class Looking forward to 102 class.

Becki A.

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