Pack Goat Team Pack Goat Team meeting dates and times:
* 10/6 Training Meeting 6-7:30pm
* 10/11 Open Farm Day Meeting 6-7pm
* 10/20 Training Meeting 6-7:30pm
* 10/25 Open Farm Day Meeting 6-7pm
Starting in November 1/2 of our meetings will be on Saturday afternoons.

If you are interested in Joining the Team Email us…..

What is a Pack Goat?

A Pack Goat is a Goat used to carry your items when you hike and Camp

What is a Pack Goat Team?

A Pack Goat Team is a team of children and adults who train the Goats to walk on leashes, to obey commands, to go through obstacles courses, to hike and to camp.
You don’t need your own goat… will be working with a goat.


* Ages 7-17 (There is an Adult Division as well)
* Meetings are twice a month Starting from September – May
* Dues are $30 per month
* Minimum of 2 hikes
* Minimum of 1 camp out
* Participate in the Christmas Parade
* In May there will be a BIG Pack Goat show to win ribbons and prizes


If you are interested in Joining the Pack Goat Team, email us

***If you are interested in joining the Pack Goat Team, Email us…***

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